Shipping and Returns

Speltastur will only take back an order for return if the order does not comply with the required labelling, packaging and transport standards.

Speltastur recommends the BUYER to proceed carefully to the opening of the packaging containing the order received.

Returned orders will be examined by Speltastur, which will check the existence of the reasons given by the PURCHASER for the return. If, after examination, it is found that:

There are grounds for return, such as shipping error or defective product:

Speltastur shall redo the order by replacing those incorrect or defective products with the products that were actually purchased by the BUYER during the purchase process on the Platform.

Fees, commissions and shipping costs

Shipping costs

Shipping costs will be paid by the BUYER to Speltastur, along with the total amount of the purchase made. With regard to the shipping costs associated with the return of orders, both the collection in the return and subsequent shipments of the same purchase, the cost of such shipment will be passed on to the BUYER.