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Certificates from the Council of Organic Agricultural Production of the Principality of Asturias

Health Registry
Food of Paradise Certificate
Organic Products
Copae 2017 2018 er
ECOLOGICAL Certificate COPAE Producer 2017-18

Recipes with Spelt (Spelt)

Interesting recipe sheet with Spelt edited by our company.

Recipes with Spelt (Spelt)

Catalogue-Dossier of the company

In the Catalog-Dossier you will find information about La Escanda and its history, our products and our company.

Company Catalogue-Dossier (3.38 MB)

Genealogy of cereals

File of the Agropolis Museum of France, where you can see the first domesticated wheats.

Genealogy of cereals

Spelt: 12000 years before you met agriculture

Dating, using the carbon 14 technique, places the finding in the Upper Paleolithic between 22,500 and 23,500 years ago.

Spelt: 12000 years before you met agriculture

Article on the Spelt of Josep Vicent Arnau, Naturopath and Acupuntor

Properties: The assimilation of its nutrients is extraordinary as it is a plant that has not suffered as many variations, nor "improvements" as wheat and that is the main reason that makes it less allergic. Doctors and therapists who rely on the Diet according to blood groups say that their patients tend to improve more quickly by changing the common wheat to the spelt.

Article by Josep Vicent

The Old Flavors (Leader magazine article)

Article on the recovery of Escanda flour.

The old flavors

The Mill

Very interesting graphics near the traditional Asturian mill.

The Mill (2.5 MB)

The Spelt. A bit of history

Article of the Regional Agricultural Research and Development Service of Asturias.

The Spelt. A bit of history