What is Speltastur?

Speltastur, is an online store oriented to the sale of spelt or . cereal from Asturias. Making available this unique cereal for online distribution.

Who is it addressed to?

Speltastur targets demanding customers, who know what they buy and what they want. Speltastur wants to be the trusted spelt or . store for its proximity to the final consumer having a customer service, fully available.

What services do you offer?

In Speltastur you can find the best types of spelt and . cereals from all over Asturias.

Collaborating Entities

For the development of the Service, Speltastur has strategic partners such as CORREO EXPRESS, responsible for all logistics operations and WITH BANK ENTITY for financial operations of payments and collections through a virtual Point of Sale Terminal (hereinafter, "virtual POS").

General terms and conditions of contract


These General Conditions of Contract are intended to include the terms and conditions established by COMPANY, the management company of the Platform, which will govern the contracting of the services offered on the website www.Speltastur.store (hereinafter, the "Website").

For the purposes of these General Conditions of Contract, Speltastur will be considered as SELLER and the customer, buyer or USERS.

In any case, the use of the services of the Website by its Users implies the express acceptance of the terms contained in these General Conditions of Contract.

Pre-registration process

Prior registration is not required for the use of Speltastur. However, if you wish to be part of the Speltastur community, you can register to receive promotions, discounts and news of our products that may be of interest to you.

Once you register, we will send you an email to your email address with the confirmation of discharge in the service.

Users may modify their key, and in such a case Speltastur will send a new email, as soon as possible, to the aforementioned address confirming the validity of the modification.

Users are solely responsible for security in the use of the username and their key, having to ensure that they are not fraudulently employed on the Platform.

Editing the User Profile

Upon receipt of confirmation of registration of Users on the Platform, users will be able to access their Account on the Website and must complete their own User Profile, entering the required data in the different fields according to the steps indicated on the Website.

The completion of the data that Speltastur requests at the time of registration is mandatory, so its omission will prevent the completion of the User Profile and, therefore, the use of the Services offered by the Platform.

The Platform allows Users to edit their Profile at all times, modifying the data they would have included in it and saving the new data entered. However, the modification of certain data must be previously validated by Speltastur.

If the data is changed in the course of a trading day, the Platform will work with the old data and will not be effective for the trading relationship until it is validated by Speltastur.

The data entered by Users during the creation of their Profile must be truthful, accurate and up-to-date, in order for the purchase process to be carried out correctly. In this sense, Users must ensure that they do not enter any erroneous, false or inaccurate data, and in case of detecting errors or inaccuracies they must proceed to modify them immediately, either through the Profile editing tool of the Website or notifying Speltastur through the Online Help service, when the modification requires the prior validity of Speltastur.

Purchase process

Hours of purchase

The time to place an order through the Platform is From Monday to Sunday, inclusive, 24 hours a day. However, if the purchase was made on a public holiday, it may take longer for the product to arrive at its destination.

Depeded realization

The BUYER may, within the hours of purchase, place the orders for products that he deems appropriate. The purchase of one or more products consists of the BUYER's "shopping basket", to which you can add and remove products during the purchase process and even complete this one, as explained below.

The SELLER is responsible for providing its offers with the description, features, details and price it deems appropriate, in order to inform the BUYER.

Once the BUYER has finished adding products to his/her shopping cart, he/she will access the summary of his purchase where he can view the products he has selected, its characteristics, prices and must indicate a shipping address to which CORREO EXPRESS will send the order, among which he has added in his Profile.

Indicated the shipping address, the BUYER must enter the required payment details, also checking the box regarding the acceptance of Speltastur's privacy policy enabled for this purpose. Not checking this box will prevent the successful completion of the purchase process.

The BUYER must press "Continue" to finish the purchase process. The Platform, through the virtual POS system, will inform you of the total cost of the order (VAT included, where applicable, of the shipping costs and address, the date and time of delivery of the order by the partner express entity and the confirmation of the operation carried out.

It may be the situation that the BUYER wants to purchase a number of products and when validating the purchase, that is, at the time of payment, Speltastur informs that there is one of the requested products that cannot be validated. In these cases, Speltastur will inform the BUYER of two solutions. The first, which consists of continuing with the purchase without including that product, not purchasing the un validated product or the second option, cancel the order.

Orders placed by the BUYER that have been confirmed by the Platform may not be cancelled.

Pick-ups, deliveries and returns of orders


The BUYER must take into account that the delivery times of CORREOS EXPRESS.

Within this time, the order will be delivered to the BUYER at the address indicated by the BUYER. The order must be received by the BUYER, who must confirm to CORREO EXPRESS the order received, upon verification of the same by the BUYER (who will have a reasonable time to do so), by signing the corresponding packing slip.

Speltastur is not responsible in any case and under any circumstances for the conditions of delivery of the orders or for their possible delays.


The BUYER will have 15 days both to withdraw from the purchase and to return the product. This return will be made by the channel enabled on the web.

While the first shipment of the product will be free for the BUYER, both the collection in the return and subsequent shipments of that same purchase, the cost of such shipment will be passed on to the BUYER.

Once the return to CORREO EXPRESS has been communicated, it will proceed to the collection of the order at the address where the delivery took place to the BUYER and in the same terms used for the placing of the order.

Speltastur will only collect an order for return, in the event that such order complies with the labelling, packaging and transport rules set out in Section 4 of these General Conditions of Contract.

If CORREO EXPRESS proves that the order does not comply with these rules, it will not proceed with its collection or, therefore, its return, as long as the non-compliance persists. For this reason, Speltastur recommends that the BUYER proceed carefully to the opening of the packaging containing the order received.

Returned orders will be examined by Speltastur, who must check for the existence of the reasons alleged by the BUYER for the return. If after the test it is verified that:

There are causes for return such as the error in shipment, right of withdrawal of buyers or defective product:

The SELLER must redo the order by replacing those erroneous or defective products with the products that were actually purchased by the BUYER during the purchase process on the Platform. In the case of return within the authorized legal period, Speltastur will proceed to the refund of the amounts accrued for the purchase of the product.

Labelling, packaging and transport standards

The requirements regarding the labelling, packaging and transport of orders are accessible to Users through the following link: https://www.correosexpress.com/web/correosexpress/home

Fees, commissions and shipping costs

Shipping costs

The general shipping costs of the products purchased on the Speltastur Platform are as follows:

Peninsular Spain: 4,99o. Free shipping starting at 59o.

Balearic Islands: 7.99 euros. Free shipping starting at 99o.

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Vatican City, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden: 20o.

Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine: 20o.

Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland: 25o.

These shipping costs will be paid by the BUYER to the SELLER, along with the total amount of the purchase made.

With regard to the shipping costs related to the returns of orders, both the collection in the return and subsequent shipments of that same purchase, the cost of such shipment will be passed on to the BUYER.

Payment and Billing. Virtual POS


The BUYER must have a credit or debit card in order to place orders on the Speltastur Platform, as well as have a PayPal. You can also choose to pay by transfer. The Platform will request the payment details that the BUYER must enter in the fields enabled for this purpose.

Once the card details have been entered, the BUYER must press "Continue" to finish the purchase process. At that point, the virtual POS system validates the operation.

Once validated, the virtual POS system collects the total amounts included in the order, that is, the collection of the amount of the products purchased in the shopping basket, if any, the amount of the shipping costs, as well as the corresponding VAT in each case.


The BUYER will have at his disposal, and once the order has been completed, the electronic purchase ticket of the order placed that will be provided to him by the Platform, where the purchase details will appear.


Users can consult Speltastur's Privacy Policy at the following link http://desarrollo.trescomtiendas.com/speltastur/content/18-politica-de-privacidad. This Privacy Policy applies to the Website www.escanda.es

Online Help Service

Speltastur informs Users that they can consult any kind of doubt or make any suggestions related to the Platform and the service provided by it, to the Speltastur Online Help Service.

To do this, Users can contact Speltastur through one of the following communication channels:

  • Through our e-mail: info@escanda.es
  • Through our Phone: 699 999 999

The customer service hours for the aforementioned channels will be during trading hours from 10:00 to 13.30 and from 17.00 to 20.00 Hours on business days.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These General Conditions of Contract governing this Website and all the relationships that may arise are governed by the Spanish legislation that applies.

Any dispute that may arise from the access or use of this Website is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the judges and courts of the city of Granada (Spain).