ESCANDA ASTURIANA SL: Crops, Transformation and Marketing of the varieties of Escanda de Asturias

We specialize in the native wheat Escanda (Espelta). That is why all our effort is focused on getting our customers the highest quality. The highest quality, since we work with a seed considered as one of the best wheats on the planet in nourishing and harino-panadera quality.

Our activity consists of cultivation, transformation and marketing. These processes are accompanied by a continuous direction and monitoring of the cultivation and harvesting work, with the best seed currently existing, in its most important varieties (Triticum aestivum sub. Spelta, Triticum Turgidum sub. Dicoccum and Triticum Monococcum sub. Monococcum).

We have a team of professional farmers who with their experience and concern achieve excellent harvests. Qualified technical experts to process the cereal and grind it with stone mills, obtaining clean and healthy a la carte flours. Finally, our veteran team of master bakers are responsible for making the genuine Pan d'Escanda according to ancestral techniques using sourdests and natural and organic flours.


We bring the product FROM THE EARTH TO THE TABLE directly, with a clear and transparent traceability.

This whole scheme of work corresponds in turn to principles of respect for the land that gives us the basic and essential food in human food: THE PAN, brought to its noblest expression.

That is why the crops we assume are organic farming. Our respect for the environment leads us to take advantage of all the straws resulting from the harvest that return to the earth. The shell and broken grain resulting from the subsequent cleaning that we make in our facilities are intended for animal consumption. In turn, the premium grain is the one used in the production of flours. The waste of our activity is absolutely non-existent.

Currently, we are serving Escanda grain to the most renowned Spanish artisan millers, flours to restless and professional cooks and bakers and also bread made to prestigious Asturian restaurants.

With all of them we maintain constant contact to serve products according to your needs, in the best conditions and as quickly as possible.