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Mira Kube report.

Mira Kube, photographer and safety engineer from the Czech Republic presents this report on her blog about the Escanda team during the 2011 harvest in Quinzanas.

Agropolis Museum in France

French Museum on Food and Agriculture of the World.

Spanish Association of Cereal Technicians

Association that aims to promote, study and safeguard all scientific and technical research activities on cereals and their derivatives.

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Official page of the Ministry of agriculture.


Website dedicated to organic food and production.

Spanish Flour and Semolina Manufacturers Association

National business organization that groups together the flour and semolina industries in Spain.

Páxina Cultural de Lena / Psena de Xulio Concepción

Lena's most important collection and cultural elaboration.

Objectives of the lenense page: its contents have already been published in various books, magazines, articles ... by the author, Xulio Concepción Suárez

"The farmer makes science when he observes reality, and takes advantage of the utilities he sees and verifies over the years; many uses and characteristics have their origin in previous centuries. This science is as valid as any other and deserves our respect. That is why we want to dedicate this book to all those people who, by transmitting these data to us (and many others), always showed us how much we ignore lus que tamus study "
(words of Cuelmu Ecoloxista Pésicu, nel chibrín, Fuchasqueiru ).

Pay homage to all Asturian peasants, even if only with feelings and words.

Make available to everyone, the data that some of us were hearing from the locals in the different towns of Lena, and from hundreds of others for the rest of Asturias; and we were learning from so many cowboys and shepherds through the different brañas and mayadas between Ibias and Peñamellera.

Summarize here several books and articles already published (some out of print), because they surely did not reach (by far) the hands of those who would like to browse some pages. Now on the computer screen they are completely free.

Present the towns of Lena : the oldest and the smallest.

Provide a complete bibliography of the main publications on Lena

Report on the most specific books and articles written about Lena.

Reflect on the situation of mountain ecology in Lena.

Reflect on the immemorial value of the land we walk on.

Continue learning every morning about the rural, industrial and mining landscape .

Understand a little better the life of the cowboys and cowgirls in the summer ports

Discover the value of the universal language of the ground we walk on: the toponymic language

Collect, write, disseminate the musical and literary value of our Asturian popular songs throughout the towns


Explain the meaning of the names of Asturian peoples .

Approach Asturian toponymy in connection with other languages

Contrast the lenense toponymy with all the Asturian toponymy and other regions

Inform about the environmental environment in the villages and in the mountains .

Describe the most attractive tourist routes through the Lena Mountains

Valuing Lena's local resources and rural development over time.

Learn from communal work in the villages: la estaferia, la schisa, la facendera ...

Study the linguistic peculiarities of Lena .

Approaching the more or less long history of Lena

Collect and disseminate the gastronomy of Lena

Identify the historic roads: Roman road, French way ...

Remember the ways of the cowboys to the brañas

Locate the most accessible viewpoints and panoramic views of Lena.

Catalog the cultural aspects of Lenin: popular music, painters ...

Disseminate some specific articles about Lena and the Asturian mountain environment

Reflect to protect the natural and social environment of the Lena council.

Consider the utility (the opportunity) of disclosing or not the local heritage (?)

Appreciate the contribution of many lenenses characters : the countrymen and women of the towns

Extend these reflections to all Asturian culture in its different aspects by other councils

... but, in any case, keep learning about the environment every morning

With the illusion always renewed

(painting by Sergio Caballero, 11 years old)

When happiness can be bought on all corners and false promises flood our lives ... Only then, only then, will I go; I will not say anything, I will just go ... I will take my suitcase, full of songs and a new soul. I'll close the door, I'll let the wind blow away all my evil I will follow in my footsteps, where peace and truth can be breathed.
I will close the doors, I will let the wind carry all my sorrow.
(Margarita García Pellejero)